Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Junckers Beech from £22.00 per m2
Maple from £22.00 per m2
Redwoods/Mahogany from £36.00 per m2
Pine Floorboards from £32.00 per m2

At Ashcroft Timber Flooring we specialise in reclaimed wood. We offer bright and airy modern feeling woods, such as maple and beech as well as warm antique style woods, such as mahogany and pine.

Our floors are usually sourced from buildings being renovated or demolished such as schools, convents, manor houses, gymnasiums, theatres etc. The floors are taken up by our expert team to ensure minimal damage to the timber. All the reclaimed timber will require sanding and sealing once laid.

Always check latest stock and availability as this changes on a regular basis.

Reclaimed wood flooring
Reclaimed pine floorboards

Environment Policy:

We actively attempt to ensure all our new timber is obtained from sustainable sources. Stocks are purchased from managed forests where as trees are harvested, new trees are planted. We do not sell rainforest timber.

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